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Pets R Family Veterinary Hospital
"We're Your Other
Family Doctor"

At Pets R Family Veterinary Hospital, We Specialize in Loving, Caring, and Compassionate Veterinary Care

Pets R Family Veterinary Hospital

Welcome to Pets R Family Veterinary Hospital. We are a state-of the-art, Christian-based veterinary hospital located in Saint Johns, Florida. Our doctors and staff are proud to offer first-class veterinary care, as well as exceptional love and compassion to each of our pet families. We look forward to serving you soon.

Since 2015, Pets R Family has become a trusted name for quality veterinary care and superior customer service in the St. Johns area. We are dedicated to establishing a long-lasting relationship with our clients, and we work hard to make sure that every visit is a positive, supportive, and educational experience tailored to your pet’s unique needs.

Comfortably nestled in a wooded and serene wildlife sanctuary, our 11,000 square foot facility features the latest technology and equipment to allow us to provide an extensive level of veterinary services for dogs, cats, pocket pets, reptiles and small mammals. From wellness exams and preventive care to surgical services and dentistry, we can handle all your pet’s veterinary needs.

Understanding Pet Allergies

Chances are if you own a pet, your pet has experienced itching at some point during his/her lifetime. If you’re lucky, the problem was minor and temporary, however for many pet owners, the situation is much more frequent and severe. The most common cause for chronic scratching is allergies which include flea allergies, environmental allergies […]

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Our Efforts to Help Combat the Spread of Covid-19

Client Support and Protocols:

  • Maximum of 2 Pet Owners per pet in our Lobbies and Exam rooms
  • Sanitizer stands and wall units have been added to all lobbies and exam rooms. We ask that clients please utilize these upon entering and exiting.
  • Our staff practices and asks that all clients practice safe spacing of at least 5 feet apart while in our facility.
  • Masks are mandatory within exam rooms. However, masks are optional in our lobbies and restrooms.
  • Our facility is sanitized throughout the day with the #1 recommended FDA and CDC sanitizing spray agent for everyone's safety. We also utilize Active Pure Technology to offer a 24/7 sanitization of all viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, and odors including COVID-19. This system cleans via Hydrogen Peroxide molecules to safely and comfortably clean the air, all surfaces, and people. This is the same system NASA uses to scrub the International Space Station of all impurities.
  • Our lobbies are open for all clients who feel comfortable coming inside. We also offer curbside service for all Medical, Boarding, Grooming, and Pups N Play appointments, as well as "At Home" visits.

Curbside Pick-Up and Drop-Off:

  • As previously stated, our lobbies are open for all clients who feel comfortable coming inside. We also offer curbside service for all Medical, Boarding, Grooming, and Pups N Play appointments.
  • Call or text one of the following numbers and our staff will come outside to assist you from the comfort of your vehicle.
  • For Hospital: (904) 452-7387
  • For Boarding and Grooming: (904) 606-7247